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Our approach for every client engagement is based on a deep understanding of the human experience. This focus on finding the human connection is particularly critical in the tech sector, where we differentiate ourselves by marrying our heritage in consumer marketing with a deep understanding of complex technologies. This combination of rational (technology) and emotional (humanity) results in ideas that drive human behavior and deliver real business outcomes.

The tech industry has owned the “innovation” conversation in the media over the past decade – across many categories from how we move people and goods to manufacturing and healthcare to communication and information technology.  But we are seeing a societal shift in how people feel about innovation. While there is still hopeful optimism in what’s possible, the days of blindly worshipping at the altar of innovation are fading. In a time of AI, robots, and the digital revolution, tech’s future can feel frightening, emphasizing technology and products over people.

Even as part of Industry 4.0, when jobs are changing and technology is replacing human expertise in some areas, we believe technology companies that bring humanity to the forefront of innovation drive deeper and broader engagement and action. Innovation with intention. Innovation for good. Innovation that is transforming entire industries to make things safer, better, stronger, faster for humankind.

We work with companies spanning all sectors of innovation – B2B, B2C, enterprise software, gaming, mobility and micromobility in all forms, health & medtech, consumer tech, telecommunications, content providers, and more – helping them own the moment by building reputations, engaging audiences, sharing stories and achieving results that drive our clients’ business forward.

Innovation Storytellers.

Innovation Storytellers.

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